Early Odds to Win Super Bowl 2018

Is it ever too early to start thinking about the Super Bowl? Could this be the year that a long shot wins the Super Bowl and pays off huge for sports bettors? Most sports bettors may remember that the year Kurt Warner won his first Super Bowl with the Rams, that team paid off at 50/1 preseason betting odds.

Even last season, one sports bettor put a large sum of cash on the Falcon to win the Super Bowl at longshot preseason odds. Unfortunately, that bet did not work out well for him.

As you can tell, there could be a lucrative payday waiting for some lucky sports bettor out there. The NFL Super Bowl is a great way to have a team that you can cheer for all season long.

2018 Super Bowl Betting Odds

NFL Futures betting on the Super Bowl is a great way to go ahead and get a vested interested in the team you want to cheer for the most.
Could the Patriots repeat as Super Bowl Champions and you want to bet on Super Bowl 2018? The New England Patriots are currently the overall favorites in terms of betting odds at 18/5. Right behind them, the Dallas Cowboys are currently 11/1 odds. Those odds could be lucrative considering the fact that you’ll have the favorite team in the NFL at a good price.

You could reduce the risk and also take either the Packers, Seahawks or Falcons at 12/1, 13/1 and 14/1 odds respectively. This would be one way to grind out a large profit at the end of next football season.

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