It’s Super Bowl Day Today

Today is the big day! Super Bowl 50 kicks off today! Clean up your house, put the kids to bed or send them to go play, it’s time to focus on which team you are going to bet on for Super Bowl 50 today. As always, we will be providing you with our free expert betting help for game day.

With Super Bowl 50 fast approaching, you’re going to have to start making some plans if you’re going to be one of the many watching the big game. If you have kids, one of the things you have to consider is how to keep them occupied, especially if they’re not into watching football. Don’t worry, because we have some great ideas that can help get you started.

Set up a kids area

There’s nothing wrong with having the kids sandwiched in between you on the couch while you’re watching the game, but it could be beneficial for them to have their own little area just in case they get bored. Set up crafts, snacks, and toys and tell them it’s a special place that’s just for them.

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Let them watch a movie or play games

This is where you might want to just hand over your phone or tablet. Set them up with their favorite game, television show, or movie and let them have their fun while you’re watching Super Bowl 2016. If there is a movie they’ve been begging to watch or game they’ve been waiting to play, it could be a great chance to make it happen.

Get them into the game

Football is really exciting, so if the kids have yet to get into the sport, the Super Bowl could be the perfect time to introduce them to the game. You can start with the basics, such as what a touchdown is and who the teams are, and before long, they may just want to start watching football every week once the season starts up again.

Let them make the decorations

Who says you need to have all the Super Bowl 50 decorations done before the game? Let the kids use their creative talents to make decorations while the game is going on. For example, they could make paper footballs and jerseys or even make an extra large “Super Bowl” banner.

There are so many different activities that will keep kids entertained while Super Bowl 50 is on, it’s just a matter of figuring what’s going to keep them busy and what they’ll be excited to do. Whatever you and they choose, it’s sure to be a great time!

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