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LA Chargers Believe They Are The Team To Beat In 2020

Are the LA Chargers the team to beat in 2020? Or, will the Los Angeles Chargers fall short in the Super Bowl playoffs once again. Off-season moves have not been stellar for the team. This does not instill confidence in the Chargers at 2020 Super Bowl betting sites.

The Los Angeles Chargers finished last season with a 12-4 record. However, they missed out on the division title after losing the tiebreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs. The team went on to defeat the Baltimore Ravens in the Wildcard game before losing to the New England Patriots in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

LA Chargers Team to Beat 2020

Los Angeles Chargers

Despite the way their season ended and the fact that the Chiefs are favored to win the division, the LA Chargers are very confident about their chances this season. Running back Melvin Gordon kicked things off by calling the Chargers the team to beat in the AFC West, then teammate Melvin Ingram took it further, calling the Los Angeles the team to beat this year.

“We’re the team to beat in the NFL, not just the AFC West — it’s the NFL,” Ingram said. “We feel like when we’re going against our offense that we need to beat them because they’re the best. They need to beat us because we’re the best. And that’s how we’re going to get better.”

Despite their bold statements, the LA Chargers know they still have to get past the New England Patriots, who embarrassed them in the playoffs last season, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

2020 Team to Beat Odds

Quarterback Philip Rivers, who isn’t one to back down from a challenge, also believes the team is capable of winning the Super Bowl this season.

“Shoot, it’s a long ride,” Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said.

“It’s a long run to get there. We know how tough our division is.

Obviously, Kansas City being the No. 1 seed last year. We haven’t won the division in a long time, as we all know. It’s going to be a heck of a road.

“But we have the capabilities of getting that done. Like we know, that’s why they play the games and play the season. We’ll find out, but the LA Chargers have the right makeup, I think, physically and mentally. I think we have to recreate it, mentally, both from a football standpoint with how you prepare and then recreate it from a camaraderie standpoint.”

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