New England Patriots Super Bowl 2015 Odds

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With only NFL Week 17 left to go in the NFL regular season we can now make our way towards the NFL playoffs and the road to Super Bowl 2015.

The New England Patriots set the sports wire afire when head coach Bill Bellichick sat future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady on the bench. Many sports analysts fear the benching of Tom Brady in the week 4 beat down delivered by the Chiefs is a signal of a new era in New England football. The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl 5 times while winning the big game 3 times. Although most football fans consider the Patriots a dynasty, it is important to note that the team has not secured a Super Bowl victory in nearly 10 years. While the Patriots may not have won the Super Bowl in nearly 10 years, the team always seems to get close each year.

Patriots Super Bowl Betting Odds

The week 4 Monday night football contest between the Patriots and Chiefs was supposed to be a cake walk for the Patriots. After all, the Chiefs were dominated in week 1 by the lowly Tennessee Titans. As the Patriots lost to the Chiefs with a score of 41-14, many wonder if Patriots are even a threat to make it to the Super Bowl. In fact, odds makers went sour on the Patriots with many sports betting websites marking the Patriots down from 10/1 betting odds to win the Super Bowl all the way down to 16/1 betting odds because of the week 4 performance. Can the Patriots salvage their season or will they continue to play rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in efforts to see if he can become the new franchise QB?