NFL Teams Knocked Out of Playoffs

Today we will cover some of the NFL teams knocked out of playoffs in their quest for Super Bowl 2013. If you are placing your NFL bets, or have them already placed, then we wish you the best of luck with your Super Bowl online betting the rest of the way. Take a look at our latest Super bowl betting odds and picks to help you with your Superbowl bets.

NFL Teams Knocked Out of Playoffs

Here’s a little recap on the Minnesota Vikings path to the Super Bowl which is now over.

The Vikings offense solely rests upon the performance of Adrian Peterson. The Vikings recently defeated the favored Green Bay Packers in season finale which secured a wild card play off berth against none other than the Green Bay Packers. Only this time, the game is being played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Vikings will have to defeat the Packers in back to back weeks to advance to the next round of the playoffs in which they will face the 49ers or the Falcons on the road. The Vikings will have to rely on Adrian Peterson to continue to put up video game like numbers on the field for this team to continue winning. So far, no team in the NFL has been able to stop him which makes him one of the leagues most valuable players. The Vikings are a staggering 40/1 to win the Super Bowl and they certainly face an uphill battle. If you would like to bet on these odds, log on to and click the sports tab at the top. Their full featured sports book will let you book any bet you want on the Super Bowl. If the Vikings can make it to the NFC championship game, they will either face the Seahawks, 49ers, Falcons or Redskins. If the Vikings defense shows up and Adrian Peterson continues to run over grown men, the Vikings have a shot at the Super Bowl.

Now we will look at the Indianapolis Colts path to Super Bowl 2013 which also came to an end.

If the Colts are going to surprise the world and make their path to the Super Bowl, they are first going to have to defeat the Baltimore Ravens on the road. This is no easy endeavor but if the Colts were to pull off the upset victory, they would be rewarded by playing the Broncos or the Patriots. Remember, the Patriots came in Indianapolis and blew out the Colts earlier in the season. Because of this, the Colts are the longest of all the long shots to win the Super Bowl at 45/1 betting odds.

Colts freaks are diehard about their team and some Colts fans may even want to put their money where their mouth is. Although casino gambling is legal in Indiana, there are no sports books in the state which is why you would want to get an account at At, you can bet on the Colts if you are confident that they can find a path to the Super Bowl online betting sweepstakes for Super Bowl XLVII for Superbowl 2013. The Colts may potentially have to face the Texans or the Bengals at some point in the playoffs. That would be ideal because the Colts just beat the Texans handily the last time they played. If the Colts were somehow matched up against Houston or Cincinnati, you would be getting substantial value out of your 45/1 futures bet on the Colts to Win the Superbowl.

13 – Cincinnati Bengals path to the Playoffs

The Bengals return to the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row. They are led by 2nd year quarterback Andy Dalton. The Bengals will be traveling to Houston where they will face a Texans team that seems to be on the decline. Matt Schaub once put up video game like number each and every game but the offense has been anemic in recent weeks. This could be a recipe for disaster against the stout Bengals defense. The Bengals are a shocking 45/1 betting odds to win the Super Bowl. set these odds and if you would like to bet on the Bengals to win the Super Bowl, just go ahead and sign up for an account at Bovada and go ahead and win 45 times your money.

If the Bengals can get past the Texans, they will have their hands full because they will have to play either the Broncos or the Patriots on the road. Neither of these matchups is good for the Bengals and this is why they are 45/1. On the off chance that they do make it past the divisional round, they could also run into the Colts or the Ravens in the AFC championship game. The Bengals have an uphill challenge in order to take down a Super Bowl trophy but this group is consistently good and they will someday have their break out post season. Could this be it?

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