Past Super Bowl Winners

Before we can look towards the future of Super Bowl online betting, we must first learn our history first. To learn from our past we will be looking at past Super Bowl winners and learn some information from them on how to make our future Super Bowl bets. When it comes to Super Bowl betting 2013, or superbowl XLVII,

When you think about the history of the Super bowl, you start to see the same teams pop up over and over and other teams such as the Lions never make an appearance. The Super bowl symbolizes excellence as a football organization. You tend to see the same teams in the Super Bowl regardless of coaching staff or personnel.

Past Super Bowl Winners

The Steelers have 6 Lombardi trophies and if you look at the last two squads to win the Super bowl, they both have been starkly different in styles and approach even though the quarterback has stayed the same which is key to Super Bowl online betting 2013 if you want to make a quick buck on your wagers.

The Giants are always a team that seems to sneak into the playoffs and surprise everyone. Every time the Giants have won the Super bowl, they have followed this formula of laying low and striking when the iron is hot.

When you think about the history of the Super bowl, you can’t think about it without mentioning the Green Bay Packers. After all, the Lombardi trophy is named after their legendary former head coach. The Packers are always a threat to win the Super bowl and they have shown that they are a team that will probably see more Super bowl appearances under their sensational starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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