Patriot’s Super Bowl Wins

If you look a little more closely at the Super Bowls the Patriots won in the early 2000s, you’ll see that the Patriots won each of their Super Bowls by a three point margin. Interestingly enough, when the Patriots returned to the Super Bowl in 2008, they were preceded by one of the best regular seasons in NFL history. That year, the Patriots went 16-0. However, the Patriots went on to lose the Super Bowl by 3 points to the eventual champions: The New York Football Giants.

In 2012, the Giants and Patriots were matched back up for the Patriots 5th appearance in the Super Bowl. This time, the Patriots didn’t win or lose by 3, they actually lost by 4. What can you conclude with this data? If you are like most Pats fans then you are feeling pretty confident about their odds of winning Super Bowl 2015. If you’d like to bet for real money then click here for online sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting. Regardless of the Patriots win or lose the Super Bowl against the Seahawks, it is apparent that Belichick and Brady have a game plan that keeps the game close, given that the other team is competitive. Since teams have two weeks to prepare for each other instead of one, each of these two teams will certainly be ready to play.

Patriots Super Bowl Wins

Las Vegas is ambivalent on setting the line for Super Bowl 49. Some sports books started the Seahawks out as early favorites while many sports books are calling this a pick’em game. A pick’em game is where there is no point spread and each team has a 50/50 shot at winning, as far as the sports book is concerned. If a point spread develops between these two teams, keep in mind New England’s trend of keeping the Super Bowl close, regardless if the Patriots win or lose.

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