Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Win Super Bowl 2019

Ready for some Super Bowl betting? Today we preview the Pittsburgh Steelers and their odds to win Super Bowl 2019.

When you think about Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and head coach Mike Tomlin, you have to think that this elite trio will always be in the running for the Super Bowl trophy.

The 2018 NFL season could be the defining year for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many fans wonder how many more years Big Ben Roethlisberger can compete on an elite level. While the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is 4 years younger than Tom Brady, many analysts question how many years Roethlisberger has left in the league.

2018 is a Defining Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase realizes that 2018 is a defining year for this squad. With so many question marks in Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinatti, the Steelers seem like a sure bet to win the AFC North.

If the Steelers are able to capitalize on their veteran leadership and big play ability from Antonio Brown, the 6-time Super Bowl champions could have a legitimate shot at securing a 7th Super Bowl championship in 2019. Enjoy these odds to win Super Bowl 2019 for the Steelers.

Steelers Super Bowl Online Betting

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds to Win Super Bowl 2019

Is Tomlin’s Seat Hot?

Despite all of the success under Mike Tomlin, some Steelers fans wonder if it is time for a change of direction. The extra heat under Mike Tomlin’s seat could help impact the coaching decisions this season. Could Tomlin be more aggressive than usual and play to win instead of taking the safe bet plays? View more betting odds for the Steelers for Super Bowl 2019 here.

Tomlin is known as a maverick at head coach, therefore he brings a “Go big or go home attitude” to the game. This style is what has led the Steelers into multiple Super Bowl appearances under Tomlin and it’s exactly what might lead them to a third Super Bowl appearance if all the stars line up correctly.

The Steelers odds are currently hovering in the 8/1 to 10/1 range. Some of offshore sports books are offering better odds than some of the Vegas sports books. None the less, the Steelers are a legitimate threat to win the AFC and play for the Lombardi trophy when Atlanta hosts Super Bowl 53.

In conclusion, these are the odds to win Super Bowl 2019.

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