Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Betting Odds Updated

What are the Seattle Seahawks chances to repeat as Super Bowl winners? Today, we cover the latest Super Bowl online betting odds for the Seattle Seahawks to win Super Bowl 49.

Some analysts believe that it is nearly impossible to repeat as Super Bowl champions in back to back years in this day and age. The Seahawks look to prove the naysayers wrong by going into University of Phoenix Stadium and defeating the New England Patriots. If you want to bet on Superbowl 2015 online check out the above betting sites. It’s a clash of a new dynasty versus and older dynasty that’s trying prove that they still have what it takes to win the big one.

Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds

When the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, there’s always a chance for Belichick to rally his troops and pull off a big win. However, you could say the same exact thing about the Seahawks. In fact, Seattle last year was the underdog versus the Broncos and the Seahawks showed up and competed on both sides of the ball. Russell Wilson looks to be the first quarterback in NFL history to win the Super Bowl in twice in his first 3 years in the league. Pete Carroll could go down as one of the best coaches of all time with a win in the Super Bowl. So much history is hinging upon this one big game and many NFL fans can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday to finally start.

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