Super Bowl 48 Weather Report

In the first time in the history of Super Bowl week more people are talking about the expected weather conditions than the quarterback matchup. NFL bettors are more concerned with Peyton Manning facing the cold weather than they are him matching up against phenom Russell Wilson. Since the AFC and NFC Championship games a couple of Sunday’s ago Super Bowl 2014 betting odds have fluctuated from the Broncos being -1 point favorites to -3 point favorites as word of it being a snow-less Superbowl 48.

Could the weather have a significant outcome on the Super Bowl? How can you incorporate the outdoor climate of the New Jersey in February into your Super Bowl betting strategy? Since the Super Bowl is one of the most bet upon events throughout the entire year, there is certainly a bet out there that will look attractive to you. Online sports books tend to list several different types of prop bets for the Super Bowl as well as live betting options.

Super Bowl Weather

Take the weather for example. When the weather is cold and windy, kick offs typically won’t go into the back of the end zone making special teams a much more important part of the game. Just in time for all this weather debate, Drake the rapper just launched his own weather reporting site called which shows you the current weather conditions based on your location. If the game were being played inside of a climate controlled dome, the special teams on both sides might not be able to provide their team with and edge. The weather could also cause special teams to blunder costing a team the game.

The forecast for the game can change so it is important to keep an eye on the weather conditions because extreme weather could keep the Broncos and Peyton Manning’s potent offense under wraps which could in turn lead to a low scoring game against the Seahawks.

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