Super Bowl 49 Projections

With just a couple of hours before kick off we take a look at the latest Super Bowl 49 projections at the top sports betting sites for Super Bowl 2015. Each year, analysts will use super computers to hash out who they think has the overall statistical advantage over each team in the Super Bowl. This year, the analysts compared the two teams and found that the New England Patriots have a slight 1 point statistical edge over the Seattle Seahawks. Well, that depends on which computer model you use. The computer simulator over at mentions that they think the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl 53.7% of the time after 1,001 simulations.

Super Bowl Projections

Should you put much stock into computer simulations? Given the fact that these two teams are the best two teams in their respective conference, you can safely say that any computer prediction will be right around 50/50. Any other type of simulation would mean one conference heavily outweighs the other. The Patriots and Seahawks Super Bowl is shaping up to be an epic clash of two of the most worthy opponents. The Seahawks started their season out slow by dropping 3 games early. The Seahawks rallied back at the tail end of the season to score the number 1 seed and subsequently a birth in Super Bowl 49. This Super Bowl is one of the more difficult Super Bowls to make a prediction. When picking a Super Bowl winner in a contest that is so evenly matched, the only tool you should rely on is your gut.

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