Super Bowl Wagering 101

Welcome to Super Bowl Wagering 101, our how-to course on betting on the Super Bowl which will go over the fundamentals for wagering on either the Seattle Seahawks led by Russell Wilson, or the Patriots led by Tom Brady, or just the game point total which is also easy to bet on.

Okay, we’re not talking about the 101st Super Bowl. That’s 52 years away; We’re talking about the Super Bowl in the context of it being explained to someone who doesn’t regularly watch football. The NFL has a regular season and it played out to determine the best 6 teams each of its two conferences. These two conferences have their own tournament and the winner each represents their conferences in the NFL’s Super Bowl. The NFL is headed up by its commissioner Roger Goodell and he largely sets the rules on the owners behalf.

Super Bowl Wagering

The Super Bowl is routinely denoted using Roman numerals. The Super Bowl’s Roman numeral set this year is XLIX which denotes the number 49. The number 49 represents the amount of times the Super Bowl has been played. While the Super Bowl online wagering crowns the NFL champion, before 1967, it was simply known as the NFL championship. The first Sunday in February has been a national holiday of sorts for many football fans as some hardcore football fans routinely take the next Monday off from work to recover from the festivities. The Super Bowls have been some of the most dramatic games in NFL history as each team routinely gets 2 weeks off to prepare for the big game.

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