Super Bowl Wagering Guide

In today’s Super Bowl wagering guide we will be covering the latest Super Bowl online betting trends for Super Bowl XLVII. If you have never bet on a Superbowl before then allow us to give you some Internet wagering tips. Currently Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers are 4.5 point favorites over Ray Lewis and the Ravens. This means that this should be a very close Super Bowl 47 according to online bookmakers such as the Bovada Sportsbook. You can place your Super Bowl bets on the under as close games are usually low scoring, especially when the Ravens are involved.

Getting an account set up at Bovada is the easiest way to bet on the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a multi billion dollar a year event that attracts that same kind of revenue in a gambling arena. Most fans can’t wait to watch the big game even though most people may not be fans of these particular two teams. The Super Bowl brings fans together and betting on the Super Bowl is an easy way to spice up your Super Bowl Sunday. You can bet on the live betting client in order to bet on updated point spread totals.

Super Bowl Wagering Guide

You can also get money line odds on things such as where the kickoff will end up or whether or not the team will score a touchdown or field goal at the end of this drive. Sometimes these bets seem trivial and other times they seem daunting. Keep it fun on Super Bowl Sunday and perhaps some friends would like to throw in and try to win some money while betting on the Super Bowl on has you covered on every single type of Super Bowl bet you could think of. Bovada is an American facing football betting website that focuses on the things that players actually want in a sports book.

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