T Minus 2 Days Before Super Bowl 48

Hard to believe one of the most anticipated days of the year is just 2 days away. In T-Minus 2 days we get to see Super Bowl 48 at MetLife Stadium and we are eager to bring you the latest and greatest information you need to review before placing your Super Bowl forty eight wagers. Betting odds at the major sports betting sites have continued to go up and down this past week especially since earlier today. If you want to bet on the Super Bowl online check out the above online sportsbooks that accept players from the US and Canada.

The Super Bowl might just be a football game to some but the overall economy surrounding the Super Bowl produces some big numbers. For example, did you know that nearly $100 million dollars is wagered on the Super Bowl in Nevada each year? Some experts estimate that this just a tiny fraction of the total action considering private book makers, online book makers and other types of sports books around the world. Why don’t you get your hands into the action and win some of the money floating around in the prize pools?

Super Bowl Forty Eight

The easiest and most trust worthy method of betting on sports is by using an online sports books. Most of these books will take large bets which can result in you becoming a rich person quickly. The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest football game of the year. It is also the biggest betting event on the planet. There is some serious cash to be made and the best way to place your bets it use an online sports book. If you are in the USA, many patrons choose Bovada as their trusted online sports book provider. Bovada has some of the hottest betting action you will find on the Super Bowl in 2014.

Without further ado, let’s get Super Bowl weekend started!

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