The 2014 Super Bowl Will be Like An American Holiday

Super Bowl is like an American Holiday

The rich history of the NFL’s Super Bowl brings families together and helps everyone spend time with the ones they love on an otherwise ordinary Sunday in February. If one of the teams you like is playing in the big game, the stakes can be much higher. It has been reported that billions are wagered on the Super Bowl and this year is expected to be just as lucrative.

2014 Super Bowl

There are some interesting trends involving Super Bowl underdogs being victorious in recent years. If you can spot the correct trend, you can earn some extra cash while watching the festivities on TV. The Super Bowl gives people around the globe a good excuse to indulge and invite some friends over and have a good time.

The Super Bowl always brings suspense and drama the 48th installment of this game will take place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on February 2nd 2014. This is the same stadium that is home to the Jets and Giants of New York. This Super Bowl is unique because this marks one of the only times a Super Bowl has been held this far north in an open air stadium. This Super Bowl will certainly be a special occasion for the NFL and the participants of the big game.

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