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What Can Sports Bettors Expect this NFL Season?

What can sports bettors expect in the 2020 NFL Season? Well, they can expect no College football this year at the best sportsbooks online.

Firstly, the 2020 NFL season will be unlike any other. Many experts question whether or not fans will be allowed into the seats. This due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Therefore, sports bettors should be cognizant about the impact of this. When making wagers on their favorite teams, for example. Let’s look at 3 potential factors you may need to consider for NFL wagering in 2020.

Is Home Team Advantage a Thing of the Past?

Secondly, NFL players are accustomed to playing in front of 60,000 fans. Also, When the home team has the ball and they’re down by 1 score with a few minutes left. The crowd’s cheers of encouragement can often distract the opposing team while energizing the home team. Without the crowd on the side of the home team,

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Fewer Penalties?

Therefore, with NFL games being played without crowd noise, could we see less false start penalties? Think about how loud a crowd gets on 3rd down when the visiting team has the ball. With stadiums being empty. It may improve communication between the quarterbacks and the offensive linemen. This would lead one to believe that few penalties may occur.

Lower Scoring Games?

Those who enjoy betting the over and under on point total wagers could have a distinct advantage. Think about the beginning weeks of the XFL season where the public massively placed a lot of money on the over. What bettors didn’t realize is that defense evolves faster than offense. Because of this, many games in the XFL were projected to go over 50-60 points barely broke 30. Could the NFL see the same thing happen?

This year’s NFL season is sure to be full of shocks and surprises. However, if you approach these games with a level head. it’s entirely possible to beat the books and make a few extra bucks as you enjoy the 2020 edition of the NFL season.

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