Who’s Gonna Win the Superbowl

Next Sunday, millions of fans will be tuning in to find out which team will lift the Vince Lombardi trophy when the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota to see who’s gonna win the Superbowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. Current Patriots betting odds have New England sitting at -4.5 points to defeat the Eagles in Superbowl 2018 in Las Vegas and at online sportsbooks.

As the defending champions, the Patriots are the favorites to win the game, but the question is can they get it done?

Offensively, the Patriots will always have a chance as long as they have Tom Brady in the lineup. Even though Brady isn’t the most endearing athlete in the world, you have to respect his work ethic and the passion he has for the game.

Who Will Win Superbowl 2018

Brady might not have his favorite target this year in Superbowl 2018 because tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered a concussion in the AFC Championship Game. Without Gronkowski, the Patriots offense likely won’t be as effective as it was during the season because they don’t have Martellus Bennett to fill in for Gronkowski this year.

Defensively, the Patriots dealt with a lot of injuries but still finished ranked 5th in the NFL with 18.5 points allowed per game. However, the Patriots also gave up a lot of yards, and finished ranked 29th after allowing 5856 total yards this season.

The Eagles finished with the same record as the Patriots, but have been without their starting quarterback since week 14. For Americans and Canadians looking to bet on Superbowl 2018 and that have been following the Eagles all season long know that they would have had a better chance at competing for the Super Bowl win if they had Carson Wentz starting over Nick Foles.

Nick Foles has done an admirable job during the postseason and helped the Eagles win both of their playoff games, but those games were in front of a friendly crowd in Philadelphia, and this game will be in a very hostile city after knocking off the Minnesota Vikings last week.

The Eagles will need Foles to have another big game to pull off the win.

Defensively, the Eagles have been very solid during the playoffs, causing turn overs and making life miserable for opposing offenses. If the Eagles can continue playing well, they will be able to get the win.

So, which one of these teams will win the SuperBowl? Because of all the success they have had since Brady and Belichick rode into town, our betting brain is telling us to bet on the Patriots for 2018 Super Bowl online betting. However, our instincts say the Eagles are the better team so we’re going with our instincts and picking the Eagles to win SuperBowl 2018.

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