Potential Super Bowl 50 Matchups

Onto the next one! Now’s the time to preview potential Super Bowl 50 matchups along with their individual team betting odds. Super Bowl 50, which is noted as being the Golden Super Bowl, will feature the champion of the AFC and NFC conference.

Right now, the NFL playoffs are in full swing. Now that Wild Card Weekend is complete, we now know that one of 4 teams in each conference will make the team. Here is the top potential matchups that would likely gain the most interest for SuperBowl 2016:

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots Betting Odds

What better way for the Seahawks to get revenge on the Patriots for the goal line turnover that handed the Super Bowl over to the Patriots last season? Seeing a rematch would certainly gain a lot of buzz among sports analysts.

Super Bowl 50 Matchups

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Wagering Line

In a Super Bowl that would feature two of the NFL’s best defenses, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos would be an intriguing matchup due to the fact sports news organizations will go with the angle of Cam Newton potentially being matched up against the legendary Peyton Manning. Current Super Bowl online betting odds feature the Broncos as 3 to 1 favorites.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Kansas City Chiefs Betting Odds

It would be safe to say that hardly no one would have picked that the Cardinals and Chiefs could face off against each other in Super Bowl 50. The most unlikely combination could be the combination the fans get, as these two teams seem to be playing best football at the right time.

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