Vontae Davis Retires At Halftime

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In further Buffalo Bills news Vontae Davis retires. NFL players generally announce their retirement at the end of the season or during training camp when they realize their bodies can’t take the punishment any more, which is why it was so surprising to hear Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis announce his retirement at halftime during their game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

According to Bills head coach Sean McDermott, Davis pulled himself out of the game and told his coaches he was done.

After the game, linebacker Lorenzo Alexander told reporters that Davis announced his retirement after the game.

“Never have seen it ever,” Alexander said. “Pop Warner, high school, college, pros. Never heard of it. Never seen it. And it’s just completely disrespectful to his teammates. … He didn’t say nothing to nobody. … I found out going into the second half of the game. They said he’s not coming out, he retired. That’s it.”

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Vontae Davis Buffalo Bills News

When the game was over, Davis issued a statement confirming what his coaches and teammates told reporters. In the statement, Davis said the physical toll of the game was too much for him to risk limping for the rest of his life.

“And truthfully, I do not because the season is long, and it’s more important for me and my family to walk away healthy than to willfully embrace the warrior mentality and limp away too late,” he said in the statement.

“This was an overwhelming decision, but I’m at peace with myself and my family.”

Alexander, who was upset about Davis’ decision, didn’t have much to say about his former teammate after the game.

“I don’t have nothing to say about Vontae,” Alexander said after the game. “I’m going to give him a little bit more respect than he showed us today, as far as quitting on us in the middle of the game.”

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