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Kareem Hunt Ready to Return

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt is trying to learn from his mistakes now that he’s signed with the Browns. The three-year veteran, who signed with the Browns last offseason, found himself in trouble again in January after admitting to police that he would fail a drug test for marijuana following a traffic stop.

“I would say that was out of character,” Hunt said. “I’ve been working to become a better person each and every day. Definitely not looking for anything like that to happen again. … I’ve got to do better. Shouldn’t have done it. Ready to move on from that.”

Last season, he served an eight-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct police after video from February 2018 surfaced of him kicking a woman in downtown Cleveland, which led the Kansas City Chiefs to release him. He signed with the Browns in February of last year.

Kareem Hunt Wants to Take Browns to Super Bowl 2021

Kareem Hunt Browns Return 2021

In the video of the traffic stop, Hunt appeared emotional about the Chiefs, who had just advanced to the Super Bowl.

“It hurts my soul. Like, you don’t understand, I’ve been fighting a lot of s— lately, man. It still hurts me to this day,” Hunt told the officer. “I love Cleveland, I love the Browns, but you don’t understand, I’m just the worst person in the world sometimes, like, I guess. And I don’t even do nothing. Try to help everybody.”

On Monday, Hunt said he had “moved on from that,” and was “very happy” the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

“I love those guys,” he said. “I’ve got brothers on that team. They deserved that.”

After rushing for 2,151 yards and 15 touchdowns in 27 games for the Chiefs, Hunt finished with 179 rushing yards and two touchdowns in eight games with the Browns. He hopes to have a bigger role in the offense after signing a one-year tender with the team in April.

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