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Philip Rivers Working Out Virtually

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Is Philip Rivers working out virtually? Yes. How? Find out here. Due to the coronavirus, the Indianapolis Colts haven’t allowed any of their players into the team’s training facilities.

Despite not being able to practice with his teammates, quarterback Philip Rivers is getting ready for the season by practicing his cadence calls and playcalls virtually.

“I feel like I’ve got to know him,” wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said. “I mean, he’s already taken control of meetings. So he’s asking questions, knowing the terminology. He’s been in this offense — just some things we’ve changed up with different names. So he’s just getting those things down, and once he gets those down, he’ll be ready to go.”

Head coach Frank Reich, who coached Rivers when he was an assistant with the then San Diego Chargers, has been impressed with his new quarterback.

News of Philip Rivers Working Out

Philip Rivers Working Out

“When we get into the quarterback room, that is where Philip has already had an impact in that room — a few suggestions, a few lingo things there, a few terminology things,” Reich said. “… He’s got some good insight. There have been several — I can’t think of one off the top of my head — times where we’ve just gone to him and said, ‘Hey, just tell us how you want this. How do you see this? Are you good with this or do you want to call it something different? Do you want to look at it a different way?’ So that interaction is normal, and he is great at that stuff.”

Center Ryan Kelly added that learning cadences with Rivers hasn’t been easy.

“Obviously, Phil has a very different verbal cadence than what I’m used to, but that’s football, man,” Kelly said. “That’s the way it is. We’re getting paid as professionals to figure it out. There are going to be some learning curves for sure, but as soon as we can get out on the field or even if it’s just Phil and I sitting down and running through a few things, I think it’s really going to help out.” Will Philip Rivers working out help?

“We’re doing everything that we can to get live reps. If you visualize it enough, it will come over time to get used to it. As far as down to the cadence and his presence in the huddle, it’s obviously going to be paramount that we get that down. I think we’re doing a good job.”

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