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Saints Team Bubble Created

The New Orleans Saints team bubble has been created for training camp. Although, the NFL doesn’t plan on using a bubble system for the upcoming season, but the New Orleans Saints aren’t taking any chances and have created an optional team bubble for training camp.

The Saints rented out four floors of the Loews Hotel in downtown New Orleans to create an optional bubble-like atmosphere for players and staff members who choose to stay there during the next month of training camp.

“It’s not a bubble. It’s a sequester,” Saints coach Sean Payton told NBC Sports.

Payton said staying in the hotel was optional but estimated that about 150 people will stay there among the total of 180 players, coaches and executives, plus medical, cafeteria, security and support staff. Owner Gayle Benson paid for the rooms to help eliminate some health risks.
“The message from the league is, ‘The show must go on,'” Payton told King. “If so, we’ve got to do everything we can to be sure that happens.”

News of Saints Team Bubble for Training Camp

Saints Team Bubble

Last week, Payton hinted at his apparent dissatisfaction with the altered preseason/training camp schedule, stressing several times that “there’s nothing about this that is like training camp.”
But he said the teams that can adjust best will benefit most.

“Well, it’s unimportant regardless of how anyone feels,” Payton said. “What’s important is quickly taking what we were given and getting ready to prepare the team.”

Payton said the Saints will have as many padded practices as allowed, with competitive scrimmages being key to player evaluations.

“I’m gonna tell you this, the amount of running and lifting they’re gonna do is gonna be significant,” Payton said. “Again, this is their schedule, this isn’t our schedule — this is the union’s schedule, this is the management council’s schedule. This is not the schedule recommended to those parties by our coaches. So we’ve got the schedule, and we’ll follow it to a T.”

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