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Dak Prescott Deal Imminent

The Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott deal were unable to reach an agreement on a new deal last offseason. News led to plenty of questions about the quarterback’s future with the team during the regular season.

On Friday, Prescott said he believes he and the Cowboys will come to an agreement on a new contract before the season starts. This is great news for the Cowboys.

“I’m confident a new contract is coming. I’m confident in my agent and my team and I’m confident in the Cowboys that something will get done,” Prescott said.

When asked why they were unable to come to terms on a new Dak Prescott deal last offseason, Prescott said there were certain variables at play. What are these variables?

“There’s a lot of things that have to come into play when you’re talking about a contract. Never just look at the money, never just look at what people see or the attention grabber. There’s a lot of details to it,” he said. “There’s people that know that handle that, so I’m leaving that up to my agent and I have all the confidence in both sides.”

News of Dak Prescott Deal With Cowboys

Dak Prescott Deal News

Last week, Cowboys executive Stephen Jones told reporters that signing Prescott to a new deal was the team’s top offseason priority. However, if they are unable to agree on a new deal, the team will likely use the franchise tag on Prescott. This to prevent him from leaving in free agency. Could Dak join Tom Brady and Rivers in free agency? Rumors thus far say no.

Even though he didn’t get a new deal before the season started, Prescott said he didn’t let it affect hos focus or performance. This statement was true. Prescott had a great season.

“I don’t play the game for money. Never once in my life have I touched a football and thought about money. I play the game because of my love. Also, my passion. However, once the season began that’s all my focus was on, was my love of the game and my commitment to my teammates to go get something done, to get the job done,” he said regarding Dak Prescott deal. “We all had a shared responsibility. Also a promise to go after something and it had nothing to do about individual bank accounts or what was to come so it never crossed my mind.”

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