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Jerry Jones Refuses To Discuss Jason Garrett Contract Extension

It is that time of year again. Cowboys fans are seeking information from Jerry Jones on the contract of Jason Garrett. Will there be a contract extension?

The Dallas Cowboys managed to make it back into the playoffs last season. This, despite most sportsbooks not giving the team a chance to win the NFC East during the offseason. With head coach Jason Garrett leading the team to the playoffs in two of the last three seasons, many NFL insiders and fans were expecting. Expecting team owner Jerry Jones, who has backed Garrett throughout his tenure as head coach, to give his head coach a contract extension.

However, much to the surprise of the fans and pundits, Jerry Jones hasn’t extended Garrett and hasn’t said what the coach has to do this season to earn a contract extension.

“There’s no secret that the guy to my right here, I want to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for as long as I’m around to spell it,” Jones said during Friday’s state of the Cowboys news conference. “That would be my goal — and that’s no secret, and many of you have written about it in various ways, so let’s see what’s ahead.”

When asked what Jason Garrett needed to do to get an extension, Jerry Jones pretended not to hear the question.

“What did you say?” Jones said, joking. “I really didn’t hear you. I really didn’t hear you. There’s a drill going on back over there. Next question.”

Jerry Jones Big Fan of Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones Jason Garrett Cowboys

Garrett’s contract expires at the end of this season and his agents haven’t been approached about an extension, making many wonder if Jones is trying to make Garrett coach for his job like he did in 2014.

The Cowboys finished with a 12-4 record that season. Also, they won a playoff game. A week after they were eliminated from the playoffs, Garrett signed a five-year, $30 million contract extension.

“I expect us to be a better team. Also, I think that our personnel supports that,” Jerry Jones said. “Our experience gained supports that. I’m real impressed with the staff that Jason has put together here. So I expect us to be better. Part of that, it should result in maybe advancing our record, or, if you will, our place in the playoffs — it should result in that. That’s the assumption you make, that if you’re a better team and you’ve put together a sound one that can stay healthy, then you should be able to do better than you did last year.”

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