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Cowboys Coaching Change

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Going into Week 7 fans are asking if there is a Cowboys coaching change coming. The Dallas Cowboys started the season with three consecutive wins, which led to a lot of chatter about the team ending its Super Bowl drought this season. However, they followed up their fast start by losing their last three games, which has led to speculation that team owner Jerry Jones will make a head coaching change during the season, especially since Garrett is in the final year of his current deal.

Can we expect a Cowboys coaching change prior to Week 8? Even though some of their fans want the team to get rid of Garrett, it likely won’t happen during the season because Jones does not believe Garrett is solely responsible for the team’s recent woes.

“I’m going to be very trite. I was a lot happier with what he had done the first three games than what’s happened the last three games,” Jones said of Garrett. “But the big thing I want to say is it’s not just him. This is across the board. That had a lot of input out there tonight to get in that spot.”

Jones Denies Cowboys Coaching Change

Cowboys Coaching Change

“Don’t bet any money [on] that happening,” Jones said. “You’ll lose it.”
“If you really look at it, you can’t take one thing. It can be a list of 15 things, with some having more of an emphasis on maybe the player, the execution, mistakes, breaks — all of those kinds of things,” Jones said. That being said, a Cowboys coaching change is coming. “Across the board, we did not play well enough to win. Had we been able to tie this thing up, or win that thing at the end, it wouldn’t be because we played well. You guys would be writing about a team that did not play well that won a game. Instead, you’re [writing] about a team that what usually happens to you when you don’t play well.”

“Am I thinking that this is what we are going to be or what we can do with our 10 games that we have remaining, here we are leading the NFC East?” Jones continued. “Not at all.

Will there be a Cowboys coaching change this season? No.

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