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Jerry Jones Upset Over Cowboys Losing

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Will Jerry Jones upset his remaining fans? The Dallas Cowboys started the season with a 3-0 record. This led to a lot of speculation that they were the team to beat in the NFC. After consecutive losses to the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers, many are starting to doubt the Cowboys. However, team owner Jerry Jones, is not ready to hit the panic button.

“I think it tells you right where you are,” Jones said after Sunday’s home loss. “You do well against teams that are getting it together. We’ve played two that have it together better and are 4-1 teams. But the point is that what you see is what you get here. We’ve got some work to do to get where we want to go this year. The good thing about this thing is: There are 16 games right now. There’s 16 games and we’re just through a little over a quarter of them and we can get it together and get better. We’re going to have to get better to get a chance to be where we’d dream to be, and I think expect to be. I think we’ve got a team that can get better and that’s the key, but this is certainly not good enough, last weekend or this weekend.”

Why is Jerry Jones Upset?

Jerry Jones Upset Cowboys

Jones added that the team has to do a better job protecting the ball to avoid putting themselves in a hole that is too big to climb out from. Will the team listen?

“I think that (our biggest concern) probably our inability to protect the ball,” Jerry Jones upset said. “You cannot win if you are one of these teams that for whatever reason turn that ball over. We have a quarterback that is renowned for his ability to protect the ball, so that ongoing concern is not a challenge that I’m worried about. We’ll be able to protect the ball, I feel confident of that. It was also a little surprising to not be able to stop the run better than we did tonight. But let’s also give our concern for how we were trying to defend (Aaron) Rogers, that helped them getting that running game going. He’s a tough guy to compete against out here on defense.”

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