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Doug Pederson Upset About Loss To Dolphins

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Firstly, the Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was upset about his team’s performance on Sunday because they failed to take advantage of Dallas’ Thanksgiving Day loss to Buffalo by losing to the Dolphins after blowing a big lead.

Secondly, after the loss, Pederson said the Eagles “self-destructed” and was a “long shot” to make the playoffs after falling to 5-7. On Monday, during a radio interview, he blamed himself for the loss.

“I’m disgusted, I’m mad, I’m angry and I’m probably more so mad at myself,” he said. “… Our discipline, our consistency, the lack of that that showed up in this football game, that’s on me. That’s on me. And that’s why I’m disappointed. I felt like and I think most people felt like we were the better football team.”

Therefore, Pederson also added that he felt the Dolphins played harder than his team did.

“That’s why I’m disappointed in that. They wanted this a little more than we did, and they made the plays and we didn’t,” he said, also crediting the Miami staff for how well-coached the Dolphins were.

Doug Pederson In Hot Seat?

Doug Pederson Eagles Dolphins

The Eagles weren’t disciplined against the Dolphins and were flagged 10 times for 91 yards, which Pederson called unacceptable, for instance.

“Having watched [the tape] again this morning, it’s not who we are, it’s not who I am as a coach, it’s not how we teach things,” he said. “It starts with me, and I have to fix things this week heading into the Giants game.”

Even though the team has now lost three straight games, Pederson told reporters that he doesn’t plan on making any roster changes.

“A shake-up, I know what you’re saying. You’re talking about sending a message. No, I don’t. I think everything that is — it’s all self-inflicted. Even the plays that they made, our players were in position to make those plays; we just didn’t. They executed; we didn’t,” he said. “So that to me doesn’t deserve any kind of shake-up.”

In conclusion, the Eagles need a big NFL Week 14.

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