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Matt Ryan Todd Gurley Stats

Falcons fans are ready for a Matt Ryan Todd Gurley connection this season. Firstly, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said he has done some recent field work with offseason acquisition Todd Gurley “a handful of times” and is “really impressed” with what he has seen from his new running back.

“I’ve gotten to work with Todd and he’s awesome,” Ryan said. ā€¯Really, really good guy. A hard worker. He’s super-smart. The stuff I was telling him one day, the next day he had it done. I was really impressed with his ability to retain information. You don’t have to tell him twice. He’s on it.”

Secondly, there were some concerns about the Falcons bringing in Gurley who has had issues with his surgically repaired left knee. Even though NFL rules currently prevent Gurley from having his physical conducted at the team’s facility during the coronavirus pandemic, he is confident that he will pass his physical once he is able to take it.

Matt Ryan Todd Gurley Falcons 2020-2021 Offense

Matt Ryan Todd Gurley Offense

Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said the Falcons have no doubt about Gurley’s talent, saying “we just have to see how healthy he is and how consistently he can do it.”

In addition to Gurley, Ryan has also been able to work out with some of his receivers and tight ends. With players still unable to work out at team facilities because of the coronavirus, Ryan has tried to stay on the same page with his teammates as they prepare for the start of a new season. What does a Matt Ryan Todd Gurley offense mean? More offense, for example.

Furthermore, Falcons are ready. “I’m ready to go back whenever.” Ryan said. “That’s been my mindset through this whole thing. To make this as normal of an offseason in terms of my training, my throwing, getting myself ready to go. Whenever they let us know, I’ll be ready to go. But I’m not informed enough to know or have a gut feeling for when that’s going to happen.”

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