2019 NFL Sports Book Betting Tips

Enjoy betting on future bets? The NFL is probably the best sport to wager upon. Especially when looking for Super bowl betting tips. That’s because many sports books give you the option of betting on a team to win the division, or you could bet on a prop that could pay off huge during the regular season, the NFL playoffs or the 2019 Super Bowl. Whether you call them sports books or sportsbooks, it’s all the same. Betting is betting no matter how you slice it.

Are you someone who is looking for bets that might contain value? Look no further because this guide will help develop a betting strategy for the 2018-2019 NFL football season. Enjoy!

Betting on Division Winners

2019 Sports Book Betting

One of the easiest ways to win an NFL futures bet is to wager upon a team to win their division. Do you know what futures are? From a raw mathematical perspective, the team you pick will have a 1 in 4 chance of winning their division. However, just by watching divisional games, most experienced football fans can kind of tell which team is the best in their division.

You can also look at the schedule, examine the quality of opponents left on the team’s schedule and decide whether or not you want to lock in a bet on NFL division winners.

Some sports books will even allow you to parlay these bets, but you’ll need to do your own research and find a sportsbook that will take that type of bet.

Using Daily Fantasy Stats for Super Bowl 2019

It’s no secret that excelling at daily fantasy is a difficult skill to develop. That being said, there is a tremendous amount of daily fantasy research available to sports bettors. The big question is, how do you turn this research into actionable sports betting data.

Sportsbooks like Bovada routinely publish individual player prop bets, therefore, you could easily use fantasy sports research to also make NFL play prop bets. When certain daily fantasy talking heads say that a player is bound to have a breakout game, you can use that tip as a green light to begin betting on that individual players outcome on most online sportsbooks.

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