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Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Odds 2020

The NFL season is already in full swing. Before it’s not too late, updated Cleveland Browns Super Bowl odds 2020 next.

For decades, the Browns have been the laughing stock of the league. Despite always having high draft picks. It seemed like the Browns always managed to draft busts no matter what their draft position. To complicate things, the Browns had a revolving door of coaches. Can a new coach improve Cleveland Browns Super Bowl odds? In the 2019 regular season, all of this has changed. Furthermore, the Browns look to put together a winning season. Also, a playoff campaign that could berth themselves a spot in the Super Bowl.

The online sportsbook BetOnline recently sent out an email to all of its customers saying that they would lose money if one of two teams won the Super Bowl this year. Which teams? Those two teams were the Indianapolis Colts and the Cleveland Browns. These two teams are very unpredictable in the sense that they have made key offseason acquisitions that could put them both over the top in terms of talent and season expectations. However, after Andrew Lucks retirement we do not see the Colts as a threat no more.

2020 Super Bowl Odds for the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Super Bowl 2020

Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has really come into his own over the past season and this year he will more weapons at his disposal which should help the team snag some wins in the ultra-competitive AFC North conference. The Browns have picked up embattled running back Kareem Hunt and star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

These two highly sought-after players could be exactly what the Browns need. This, in order to turn around their terrible luck of the past several seasons. The Browns are currently listed as 20/1 betting Cleveland Browns Super Bowl odds in terms of winning the Super Bowl but if the Browns get off to a hot start, you can expect those odds to plummet as the season chugs along.

The Browns have also made several key acquisitions on defense which further solidifies the theory that they will be a contender in 2019. Cleveland may have some early season tests against divisional foes. However, if the Browns emerge victorious, you might want to include the Browns in your Cleveland Browns Super Bowl odds 2020 betting wagers.

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