Exotic SuperBowl 51 Prop Bets

A review of the latest exotic Superbowl 51 prop bets featured at the MyBookie online betting sportsbook where new joins are being offered a Super Bowl promotion if you register between February 1st and February 5th, 2017. When sports gamblers bet their money, some might be inclined to bet on a long shot in order to get a big payday.

Exotic Super Bowl 51 prop bets exists so that online sports book bettors can lock in lucrative odds in case they are certain a specific event might happen. Here are few exotic Super Bowl 51 prop bets that you should consider.

Mybookie Superbowl Betting

  • Chris Hogan for Super Bowl MVP (25/1)
  • Although Chris Hogan isn’t a household name, the New England wide receiver made a big impact in the AFC Conference Championship. If Hogan is able to shake a few tackles and score a few touchdowns, the 25/1 odds might result in a big payoff for those who take this bet.

  • Will Either Quarterback Break the Super Bowl Passing Record? (4/1)
  • The Super Bowl passing record is 415 yards. On Bodog and MyBookie, you can lock in this bet and get 4/1 on your money. With this game having one of the highest point totals in history, there is a decent chance that one of the two quarterbacks will break the Super Bowl passing record in this game.

  • Exact Number of Sacks in the Game – Over 9 (12/1 odds)
  • Both Matt Ryan and Tom Brady have excellent offensive lines. With that being said, each time certainly has talent on the defensive lines as well. One Super Bowl prop bet that is a long shot is the total number of sacks in the game. If you think that the defense will dominate, picking the over 9 sacks might be a great way to earn 12/1 on your money.

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