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Plan for Super Bowl 2021 Betting

Happy New Years Eve! Ready to plan for Super Bowl 2021 betting? Many sports bettors seemingly put together large parlay tickets in an effort to hopefully cash a big ticket. Online sportsbooks will let you get away with constructing huge parlay tickets while the sportsbook at your local casino may cap the number of teams or odds you are allowed to play.

For this reason alone, online sportsbooks get the upper hand against online casinos. This begs the question, are huge multileg parlays worth the risk?

The answer to this is completely subjective.

For example, what other betting opportunities can you get that provide you with the ability to gain an edge while simultaneously locking in lucrative 20/1 or 50/1 odds. It all depends on your risk tolerance. You might only cash one parlay ticket per season if you are taking the huge multileg parlay approach but that one ticket could pay for all the losers and then some.

Closely examine some of the best multileg parlay strategies.

Lines for Super Bowl 2021 Betting

Odds Super Bowl 2021 Betting

Will it be the Kansas City Chiefs to repeat? We will find out soon enough who the Super Bowl winner will be.

The “All-Over” Parlay

Sports bettors commonly enjoy playing the over in an Over/Under wager because once you go over, you’ve won the bet and there is no way for you to lose the wager. Because of this, many sports bettors often put in “All-Over” parlay tickets where a specific game must go over a specific number in order for them to cash the ticket. Once the total is over the number, they no longer have to worry about back door covers making this a popular wagering choice.

The Money Line Parlay

Underdogs win NFL games all the time and favorites often take more money than they should. One of the easiest ways to build a winning multileg parlay ticket is to do a money-line parlay. You’ll often get 2/1 on underdogs in the NFL and if you can win these games, the winning payout on your ticket explodes. The strategy is pretty simple. Find a few games that you’re certain about in terms of the outcome. Find the most likely upsets of the week. Combine those picks and punch your ticket.

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