Super Bowl 2016 Prop Bets

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner. Most bettors have already placed their Super Bowl bets or at least know who they are taking for Sunday’s game, but when it comes to prop betting there are still a lot of betting options out there.

One of the best parts of watching the Super Bowl is to participate in prop betting. Super Bowl 50 will likely have hundreds, perhaps even thousands of prop bets available.

What is a prop bet? You’re simply betting whether something will happen, or not. Welcome to the world of Super Bowl prop bets!

The last time Peyton Manning played in the Super Bowl, sports books allowed patrons to bet on the first play of the game.

Those who were lucky enough to bet on the first play being a safety were awarded with 40/1 Super Bowl online betting odds for 2016.

Classic Super Bowl prop bets include an over/under bet on how long it will take the singer of the National Anthem to complete the song.

Super Bowl Prop Betting

Another bet that was surely one of the most bizarre props in recent history is whether or not there will be a power outage at the Super Bowl. This actually happened several years ago in the Super Bowl that featured the 49ers and the Ravens. Odds makers have set this prop bet at 25/1 in the past.

An intriguing prop bet that is specific to Super Bowl 50 will be whether or not the commentators bring up the Peyton Manning HGH controversy, which was first reported by Al Jazeera. If you want to bet on Superbowl 2016 then prop betting is a major component of online gambling.

Other bets could be as simple as how many touchdowns a player will catch. Online sports books typically have the best prop bets for Super Bowl 50, so you should check out these sites if you’re interested in executing prop bets for Super Bowl 50.

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