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Jones Not Competing With Eli Manning

This week in New York Giants news we hear from Eli Manning and head coach Pat Shumur about Daniel Jones.

The New York Giants used their first pick in the NFL Draft to select former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, who they are hoping will eventually become their starting quarterback. Despite the selection, many believed Jones would likely stay on the bench and learn the ropes until the coaches believe he is ready to take over the offense.

However, head coach Pat Shumur told reporters during OTAs that Jones has been progressing well and could start for the team this season.

“He’s on track with the goal to be ready to play on Day 1,” Shurmur said of Jones, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “The QB stuff will be on the front burner for everybody. I get that. But he’s on track.”

Pat Shumur Giants’s QB Controversy

Daniel Jones Pat Shumur

Despite his coach’s comments, Manning told reporters that he doesn’t feel any pressure and expects to be the team’s starter next season.

“I mean no, I don’t feel like it’s a competition,” Manning said in an interview. “I feel like I’ve got to do my job and I’ve got to compete every day and try to get better every day. That’s the way it’s been my whole life and that’s just the way I’ve always approached practice every day to improve, to earn my place on the team, to earn the respect of the teammates and do it each year.”

Even though Jones is gunning for his job, Manning said he has no problem taking the rookie quarterback under his wing.

“We’ve got new guys and I’m trying to build a relationship with them and get them up to speed and so I’m trying to do my job in the quarterback room,” Manning said. “I’ve always been good with young quarterbacks, whoever’s been in there, trying to get them up to speed, teaching them about defenses or styles or what our defense plays. So I’m doing the same thing with Daniel Jones and I’m going to be a good teammate, I’m going to do the best that I can do and help everybody on the Giants be successful.”

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