Biggest Blowouts in Super Bowl History

It is yet to be determined what Super Bowl 2015 will play out like, but we already know how Super Bowl 2014 went – it was a blowout. Seattle got ahead of Denver early and never looked back. The game was all but decided by halftime, and any potential drama or suspense was long gone. For Super Bowl online betting, this was either a terrible game or a great one – depending on which side a bettor had favored. Hopefully, Super Bowl XLIX will deliver far more in the drama department.

Super Bowl Blowouts

Looking back, we can see the Super Bowl 2014 was certainly not the first blowout in the storied history of this big event. In fact, there have been plenty of blowouts in the big game, which is somewhat surprising considering all that each team has to go through just to get there. Back in 1986, for example, the Chicago Bears demolished the New England Patriots 46-10 in the Superdome in Louisiana. In 1990, the Denver Broncos took a beating worse than the one they received from Seattle, as the 49ers defeated them 55-10. Now the question begs, what will happen in Super Bowl 2015, stay tuned here to find out!

Other lopsided results in the Super Bowl include the Cowboys beating the Bills 52-17 in 1993, and the Baltimore Ravens taking out the Giants 34-7 back in 2001. A look through Super Bowl history shows that there have been games of all kinds, from high scoring shootouts to low scoring defensive battles and everything in between. Football fans around the world, no matter which team they root for, can likely agree that it would be most-exciting to see a Super Bowl XLIX that is closely contested all the way to the end.

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