Storylines Leading Up to Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is lining up to be one of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time. With so many different storylines leading up to the big game, NFL commentators will have no shortage of angles to analyze as the big game approaches.

Tom Brady will look to cement his legacy as one of the best players in NFL history and that is exactly where the online betting is leading towards this Super Bowl, in favor of Brady and the Patriots. Brady could be one of the few quarterbacks to go back-to-back to win the Super Bowl. Can he lead the Patriots to victory?

Online sports books favor the Patriots to win Super Bowl 50. New England is currently getting 2/1 odds to win the Super Bowl while Tom Brady leads the Super Bowl futures wagering pool with 5/2 betting odds. For a complete list of wager selections for betting on Super Bowl online please scroll up and read our Super Bowl 2016 wagering guide.

Super Bowl 50 Storylines
Cam Newton has won the NFL’s regular season MVP award. Could Newton carry the Panthers into a Super Bowl? If you go back and look at Cam Newton’s career, he has been able to succeed at every level of the game. Newton even put an Auburn football team on the map when they won the BCS Championship while Newton was still in college. Could this be Newton’s year to shine?

Carson Palmer is a seasoned veteran who has suffered injuries at inopportune points in his career. Whenever Palmer is on the field, he is able to win ball games. The Cardinals could be the one team that gives the Panthers defense problems.

Peyton Manning may look to overcome his absence from the team earlier this year and redeem himself in what could be his final game as a Denver Bronco in 2016.

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