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A.J. Green Return Despite Bengals Record

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Did somebody order an A.J. Green return to the Bengals? The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the two winless teams in the league this season. In most cases, star players, who do not want to risk a major injury in a lost season, tend to pack it in and save themselves for the next year.

However, Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green, who has missed the team’s first seven games with an injury, does not plan to sit on the sidelines while his teammates are struggling and told reporters on Sunday that he still plans to play this season once he has been cleared by the medical staff.

“Everybody knows what type of guy I am,” Green said. “I’m not going to fake anything. I’m not going to milk anything. When I’m ready to play, you know it’s time for me to go. It doesn’t matter what the record (is). Nobody can hold me back when it’s time to play.”

Should A.J. Green Return This Season?

A.J. Green Return Bengals

Green has been sidelined since the first practice of the season, and according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the star wide receiver is not expected to return until after the Oct. 29 trade deadline. Although an A.J. Green return is coming, it may be after Week 10.

Since he suffered the injury, Green and the Bengals have been hesitant to give a timeline on a potential return. The news regarding the receiver since he suffered the injury were two days of position drills leading up to Cincinnati’s Week 6 loss at Baltimore. Green has not yet been full participant at practice since the injury. He said he didn’t know if he will be available for the Bengals’ Week 8 against the Los Angeles Rams in London.

“We’ll see,” Green said on Sunday. “Like I said, I don’t like to put that I’m going to play and then I don’t play and then y’all I’m milking it.”

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