Which States Will Be The First To Offer Sports Betting?

Marijuana is already legalized federally in Canada. Also legal in a few states here in the USA. When will sports betting follow suit? Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that states are allowed to legalize sports betting. Sports fans are wondering when or if their state will legalize sports betting. Today we look ahead to legal Super Bowl betting options. Ready? Dig in!

The Supreme Court’s ruling is only a few days old. It will take some time before a lot of states legalize sports betting. However, some states have a head start over others. Is sports betting legal? Do Americans even care?

New Jersey is poised to be the first state. Furthermore, it was the lawsuit filed by the NCAA against former state governor Chris Christie that prompted the Supreme Court to make the decision.

Also, Monmouth Park race track in New Jersey announced soon after the court’s ruling that they will start taking sports bets in a couple of weeks, unless state officials say otherwise.

The move by Monmouth Park is said to be possible thanks to CEO Dennis Drazin’s decision to partner with William Hill Casino on the expansion of a sports bar that will become one of the first sportsbooks outside Vegas

Legal Super Bowl Betting

Legalize Sports Betting Super Bowl Online

For the reason that Delaware is in the same boat as New Jersey. The state allows people to legally bet NFL parlays, but bookmakers are waiting to find out if any other legislation needs to be passed before they start accepting bets on all sports. You can view updated 2019 Super Bowl betting picks and predictions here.

West Virginia also has a leg up on a lot of states in the country. This, after voting to legalize sports betting in March. Pending the Supreme Court’s decision. Now that the court has ruled that states can legalize sports betting. The state is just waiting on Governor Jim Justice, who said the state’s betting legislation would cater to the sports leagues’ desires for an integrity fee, which wasn’t in the bill.

In conclusion to the three states mentioned above, states like Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New York, Kansas and Michigan are currently working on legislation to legalize sports betting. Legal betting is coming soon to a Internet connection near you!

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