Updated Patriots Super Bowl Odds

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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots started the season as the favorite to win the Super Bowl, and after 17 weeks, they remain the favorite to win Super Bowl LII because they will once again finish with the best record in the AFC, which will give them home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Heading into the final week of the season, New England’s playoff odds are +250, which is still very reasonable for those of you that haven’t carried them yet.

With the Patriots all but guaranteed the top seed in the AFC, barring a home loss to the New York Jets on Sunday, let’s take a look at the obstacles they might face in the playoffs. Current Super Bowl LII odds for the Patriots have them as +250 Super Bowl LII betting favorites.

In the Wildcard round of Super Bowl online betting, they will have a bye week which will allow them to rest their injured players for another week.

Patriots Super Bowl LII Odds

In the Divisional round, they will likely face the Kansas City Chiefs or the Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs have struggled in the second half of the season, and the Patriots would love a chance to get some payback against the team that spoilt their banner hanging night.

If they have to play the Ravens, the Patriots will have their hands full against a team they have struggled with, especially in the playoffs. Fortunately for the Patriots, this Ravens team isn’t as talented as the ones they faced in the past.

In the Conference Championship, they will likely face the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are expected to give them their toughest challenge. The Patriots already have a win over the Steelers this season, and if Antonio Brown can’t play, the Steelers won’t have a chance in this one.

In the Super Bowl, it is anyone’s guess who the Patriots will face, but the team will be ready for any NFC team, as long as they aren’t the New York Giants.

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