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Baltimore Ravens Playoff Chances SB 54

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Today’s preview is of the Baltimore Ravens playoff chances for SB 54. One of the biggest questions leading into the 2019 NFL season is whether or not the Baltimore Ravens are contenders or pretenders. If you look at the franchise’s success, they are have won multiple Super Bowls in the past couple decades, for instance. Which is something that can’t be said by most franchises in the NFL.

On the other hand, Lamar Jackson choked during the playoffs last year. For the reason that it prompting many fans to question whether or not he was the right man for the job.  Jackson’s play will impact Baltimore Ravens playoff chances. Analysts say that Lamar Jackson already looks different. This, compared to last season and that’s a good thing. What does this mean for SB 54 lines?

If Lamar Jackson tries to scramble and create plays with his feet, he will eventually get caught. Also, potentially open himself up to injury.

However, if Jackson stays in the pocket and scans the field, he could rapidly find an open receive. This will will lead to throwing lasers all across the field.

2020 Playoff Chances for the Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Playoff Chances SB 54

Despite Jackson’s willingness to run, he’s traditionally been known as a pocket passer. Even in the college ranks, for instance. Jackson showed some of this rookie mistakes last year and that’s a big reason why many Ravens fans question if they made the right decision by benching Joe Flacco.

The Ravens have said that Lamar Jackson looks like an entirely new quarterback during his practices and OTAs. The Ravens will likely need to balance their offensive attack in order to gain momentum when heading into the post season. In the AFC North, the Ravens have the Bengals, Browns and Steelers to contend with all throughout the year. The Browns are being picked by many analysts as a surprise Super Bowl pick by many analysts. Nevertheless, the Ravens are listed at 40/1 SB 54 odds at most online sportsbooks.

The Baltimore Ravens playoff chances have the coaching staff and the defense to take them deep into the post season. Can the Ravens put it together on offense and have a solid, consistent attack that isn’t easily deciphered by its opponents throughout the course of the season?

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