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Best Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019

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Super Bowl 53 is this Sunday! Today we preview the very best Super Bowl prop bets 2019. In addition to propositional bets we review our favorite Superbowl bets.

With Super Bowl LIII coming up on Sunday, NFL fans are placing their bets on which team they believe will win the Super Bowl. For those that don’t want to bet on the results of the game, there are plenty of prop bets to choose from, allowing you to cash in on the event.

Here are some of the best prop bets for the Super Bowl.

How long will the national anthem take?

Over I minute, 47 seconds (-160)
Under 1 minute, 47 second (+120)

The national anthem will be performed by Gladys Knight, who will be singing in front of her home town crowd. When Knight sang the anthem in 1991, she did so in I minute, 40 seconds. Due to her age and the fact that she is singing in front of her home crowd, expect the national anthem to take longer than I minute and 47 seconds. You can check back here for the best Super Bowl prop bets 2019.

Favorite Superbowl Bets

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019

Will either team score in the first 6.5 minutes?

Yes (-160)
No (+130)

This prop is a little tricky because both teams are capable of scoring very quickly. Despite the high-scoring offense, the Rams scored in the first 6.5 minutes of a game four times during the regular season while the Patriots did so six times.

Since neither team has scored in the first 6.5 minutes in the playoffs, expect the trend to continue as the teams stay conservative early in the game.

What will be the first score of the game?

Touchdown (-170)
Other (+140)

With two of the highest-scoring teams in the league going head to head, the initial reaction is to go with the touchdown as the first score.

However, it is the Super Bowl and neither team will be trying to be the first to give up a touchdown so expect to see a kicker score the first points in this game.

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