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NFL Betting Strategies 2021

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Today we will be discussing NFL betting strategies for Super Bowl LV 55 and the regular season. The 2020-2021 NFL season will be like no other. With legends like Tom Brady moving from the Patriots. Also, other notable NFL players retiring. This year’s NFL season could be completely unpredictable. Let’s look at some of the story lines that may play out over the season and examine how you can use this to your advantage to cash more winning tickets.

Teams May Embrace Defense?

Over the past decade, offensive teams have gained an edge over defensively-minded teams. This year could prove to be different. How so? With so many blue-chip organizations making big offseason moves on the offensive side of the ball. Teams that are returning a defensive unit that has been in the same system for multiple seasons could have an advantage over a newly formed offense that is trying to gel. Makes sense right.

Super Bowl LV 55 Top NFL Betting Strategies 2021

Top NFL Betting Strategies Super Bowl LV 55

Betting the Under with Run-First Offenses.

With so many new offensive units on the field, you can expect these teams to simply run the ball. In order to pick up some easy yardage. This strategy lets new offensive coordinators get a glimpse of the defensive schemes that their opponents are trying to implement. In return, a coordinator might see a potential weakness that can be exploited if a defense is over-committing the stopping the run. The 2019 Titans are a prime example of a team that used this strategy.

Point Spread Betting in the 2020 NFL Season

If these assumptions are correct, you could earn a nice profit betting on point spreads that are obviously wrong. You might find it advantageous to handicap the game week before the line is released. That way, if the book makers release a line that is –7 and you believe the real odds should be closer to –3 or –4, you can exploit those games. Keep this in mind with teams that are rebuilding and have new coaching staffs. These teams could intentionally slow down the game. This may result in a lower scoring affair which means the margin of victory could be smaller thus potentially allowing you to get an edge.

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