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Teddy Bridgewater Says Opportunity To Grow Kept Him With Saints

The New Orleans Saints were able to resign quarterback Teddy Bridgewater during the offseason. Giving the team an experienced veteran behind future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. Despite having the opportunity to potentially start for another franchise during the offseason, Bridgewater did not. He is comfortable with his decision to stay with the Saints. Even though it means he will have to watch from the sidelines again.

“This is the best opportunity for me to grow as a player,” Bridgewater said.

Furthermore, Bridgewater, who was acquired last season after the New York Jets selected Sam Darnold to be their franchise quarterback. Spent most of last season learning the Saints’ playbook. Now that he has had some time to master the playbook. His teammates and coaching staff are impressed with what they have seen.

Teddy Bridgewater Will Replace Brees

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“I think our coaches, him, they’ve all looked forward to this offseason. Where he could get a lot of reps, a lot of time under his belt,” Brees said. “There’s no doubt he’s an extremely talented guy, but he works at it, and I think this offense suits him very well in a lot of things we do, a lot of the capabilities that we have, the creativity we incorporate with everything we do.”

In week 17, after the Saints had secured their playoff seed, Bridgewater was given an opportunity to show what he can do. Even though he did not put up impressive numbers while playing with the second-string offense, the Saints saw enough to know they wanted to keep him around.

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Even though he knew signing with the Saints meant sitting on the bench for another season, Bridgewater is more than willing to wait his turn to become a starting quarterback in the league once again.

“As a competitor you want to be out there starting and competing,” Bridgewater said. “But I just sat back and I weighed my options and thought about what would be best for me. This is an opportunity for me to grow, continue to learn and expand my mental capacity as a football player.”

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