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Adam Thielen Frustrated By Vikings Offense

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Have you heard? Adam Thielen is upset with the Vikings offense. After making it to the NFC Championship Game with Case Keenum as their starting quarterback, the Minnesota Vikings figured an upgrade at the quarterback position would turn the team into perennial contenders. Which is why the team decided to sign former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins to one of the richest contracts in the league.

During his first season with the team, Cousins put up some big numbers. However, they didn’t translate into wins as the team missed out on the playoffs. This season, the Vikings are off to a 2-2 start, which led to wide receiver Adam Thielen expressing some frustration. Issues about how the team has played offensively, especially their passing game, which has regressed since last year.

“At some point, you’re not going to be able to run the ball for 180 yards. Even with the best running back in the NFL,” Thielen said, via The Athletic. “That’s when you have to be able to throw the ball. You have to be able to make plays. Have to be able to hit the deep balls. You have to do that.”

Adam Thielen Upset with Vikings Offense

Adam Thielen Vikings Offense

In Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Bears, the Bears focused on stopping Dalvin Cook, forcing Cousins to beat them with his arm, which he failed to do. Thielen, who has over 1,200 receiving yards in each of the last two seasons, was held to two catches for six yards.

“I think we’re just as frustrated as every fan in the state of Minnesota, every Minnesota Vikings fan,” Thielen said. “We are more frustrated. Put everything we have into the offseason. We grind every single day, and then to put a performance like that — it’s so frustrating, it’s unbelievable.”

With Cousins struggling to hit open receivers and throw deep balls accurately, the Vikings will struggle to win games if opposing defenses shut down their ground game. What does this mean for the team in Week 5?

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