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Ben Watson Critical of NFL CBA Talks

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Ben Watson joins a slew of NFL players upset with NFL CBA talks. Last week the NFL owners voted terms of a new proposed collective bargaining agreement. Sending the vote to players ahead of a potential agreement between the sides.

“Following more than ten months of intensive and thorough negotiations the NFL Players and clubs have jointly developed a comprehensive set of new and revised NFL CBA terms that will transform the future of the game, provide for players — past, present, and future — both on and off the field, and ensure that the NFL’s second century is even better and more exciting for the fans,” the league said in a statement.

While the team owners were happy with the proposed agreement. Some players weren’t happy with the new deal such as Ben Watson. Which will require teams to play an extra game. Also, add more teams to the playoffs. Retiring New England Patriots tight end was one of the many players that were critical about the proposed deal.

Ben Watson and NFL CBA Discussion Continues

Ben Watson NFL CBA

“Throughout the history of pro football, players have always come together for the betterment of the collective past, present and future. It is imperative that every player concern themselves with the issues that affect the business of football,” Watson explained. “Our player leadership, myself included, has spent countless hours discussing the future of our workplace on calls and in face-to-face meetings with each other and ownership.”

Watson, whose committee voted 6-5 not to recommend the deal to players, said, “My job is to serve the membership by being a voice, as well as a conduit of information, and acting in the best interest of players. There are tough decisions that have to be made that are sometimes not in one’s best personal interest.”

“But the examples of sacrifice set before us compel us to do the same. It has been quite a process and we are hopeful for a favorable outcome. The league refers to players as partners. My intention is to encourage an agreement that accurately reflects that sentiment.”

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