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Broncos Considering Starting Rookie Brandon Allen

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Do the Broncos have a starting quarterback in Brandon Allen? The Denver Broncos haven’t had a lot of luck with quarterbacks. This, since Peyton Manning retired. The team thought the problem had been addressed when they traded for former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, but that also hasn’t worked out the way they had planned.

Flacco wasn’t effective in the games that he played. Also, was placed on the IR last month with a herniated disc in his neck. The team turned to Brandon Allen as their starter after Flacco was placed on IR. However, he has also been ineffective. Is retirement near for Flacco?

Allen completed 10 of 25 passes for 82 yards. Also, one interception in the team’s loss to Buffalo on Sunday. This prompted first-year head coach Nic Fangio to tell reporters “everything is on the table” when it comes to the quarterback position.

One of the available options is rookie quarterback Drew Lock. Lock has been on the IR since the start of the season. With Lock expected to come off the IR soon, Fangio was asked if he will consider playing the rookie this year. What do Broncos fans think?

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“It’s possible, yeah. … As far as this week goes, all options are on the table. … We’re just going to make a decision in the next couple days.” Fangio also added that there is a possibility that Lock could start their next game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

“Just [want to] see some more practice … just to make sure he’s OK, physically, which he is, and that he’s prepared mentally and emotionally to play,” Fangio said.

Even though he is considering giving Lock a start this week. Fangio said he will not make a decision about Allen based on what the public wants.

“I think we need to make the decision we feel is best. Understanding everybody’s wants, from your group and the group outside, but we need to make the decision we feel is best for Drew and the team, and we will,” Fangio said.

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