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Chicago Bears Mitch Trubisky

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Happy Halloween! Things are looking pretty scary for the Chicago Bears and Mitch Trubisky going into NFL Week 9.

The Chicago Bears have found quite a few interesting ways to lose games this season and their performance in the waning seconds of their 17-16 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers left their fans scratching their heads after the game, which the team had controlled for the most part.

The Bears were in field goal position with 43 second left, and with the luck they have had with kickers since they lost in the playoffs last season, many expected the team to try to run the ball or throw a pass to improve their field position.

Instead of trying to gain a few more yards, head coach Matt Nagy decided to take a knee, which moved them further back, before attempting the game-winning 41 yard field goal, which kicker Eddy Pineiro missed as time expired.

“Yeah, I’m not even going to get into that,” Nagy said following the Bears’ 17-16 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. “I have zero thought of running the ball and taking the chance of fumbling the football. They know you’re running the football, so you lose three, four yards, so that wasn’t even in our process as coaches to think about that.”

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Chicago Bears Mitch Trubisky

“I’ll just be brutally clear: Zero thought of throwing the football, zero thought of running the football. You understand me? That’s exactly what it was. It’s as simple as that.” Will the Chicago Bears be able to turn things around?

Nagy’s stance was understandable considering the fact that quarterback Mitch Trubisky turned the ball over twice in the fourth quarter, allowing the Chargers to take the lead. However, on the final drive, the team moved the ball with ease under a minute to get to the Chargers’ 21-yard line and likely would have scored if Nagy didn’t decide to sit on the ball. For his part, Trubisky did not question his coach’s decision.

“No, not surprised. … I mean, it’s coach’s call,” Trubisky said. “He knows what’s best for this team. Whatever he calls, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to stick behind it. And we know — I felt like if we crossed the 40, no matter where the ball was at, that Eddy was going to be able to put it through, so we’ve just got to have that faith, and you can question it all you want, but whatever he calls, that’s what Chicago Bears going to do, and we’re going to believe in it.”

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