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Ezekiel Elliott Contract In Question With Cowboys

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Update: Ezekiel Elliott signs six-year, $90M extension!

Looking for an update on Ezekiel Elliott contract talks? Things are not looking close for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys had been hoping to come to terms on a new deal with running back Ezekiel Elliott contract before the season started and seemed close to agreeing on a new deal last week. Despite reports of the two sides agreeing to a new deal, the deal is not yet done and unless something happens in the next few days, the Cowboys will go into their season opener without the best player on their team.

If they do come to terms on a new deal during the week, there is also a question of the type of shape Elliott is in since he did not participate in training camp. The plot thickens for Ezekiel Elliott contract. Even though he has been training with Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, he likely won’t be in football shape and won’t be able to do much to help the Cowboys this week. Something head coach Jason Garrett doesn’t believe.

Ezekiel Elliott Contract News

Ezekiel Elliott Contract

“Zeke is as capable as anybody I know. He’s an experienced player, he’s been a really good player for us, he knows our system of football,” Garrett said. “I don’t think they’ll be a lot of learning there. He’s a smart guy, an instinctive guy. But again, that’s a hypothetical. We’re just focused on the guys we have right now. We’re going to go practice as well as we can the right way to prepare for the Giants.”

“There’s a playing progression we have every year with our guys. But again, this is a different situation than that,” Garrett said. Garrett needs the Ezekiel Elliott contract more than anyone. “You try to treat each situation on its merits, specifically based on the guy and what the particular situation is.”

The Cowboys will be ready to go even if Elliott isn’t on the team with four running backs on the active roster. If Elliott does not return to the team this week, Tony Pollard is expected to be named the starter for their season-opener. What’s next for the Ezekiel Elliott contract? Stay tuned for more!

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