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Giants Eli Manning Not A Backup Quarterback

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New York Giants Eli Manning became a backup quarterback just two weeks into the season. This as head coach Pat Shurmur wanted rookie quarterback Daniel Jones to gain some experience. Even though he lost his starting job, Manning didn’t complain about the demotion and supported the rookie quarterback.

On Monday, a day after the regular season ended, manning told reporters that being a backup was not a lot of fun and hinted that he might consider retiring instead of coming back as Jones’ backup next year.

“I doubt it. I doubt it,” said Giants Eli Manning. “Backing up is not real fun.”
Manning will spend the next few weeks contemplating his future, but don’t expect to see him roaming the sidelines if he decides to call it a career.

“I don’t think so,” Manning said of coaching football. “I felt like I was a coach this year and I didn’t enjoy it that much.”

New York Giants Eli Manning Unhappy

Giants Eli Manning Backup Quarterback

When asked if he was going to retire, Manning said he hadn’t made a decision, but said it was an option that he is considering before being a backup quarterback.

“Yeah, everything is an option,” Manning said. “That is the first decision, whether I want to continue to play or not.” “That is what I will decide, I’ll just try to figure it out. I think I can still play.”

If he does decide to play next season, the two-time Super Bowl champion will likely have to play for another franchise, which is something he is not sure how he feels about. Giants Eli Manning’s father, Archie, has said on multiple occasions that he does not see Eli playing for another franchise.

During his 16-year career, Manning finished with a 117-117 record. He also threw for 57,023 yards, 366 touchdowns, and 244 interceptions. He threw for 1,042 yards, six touchdowns, and five interceptions in limited action this year. Will Manning be a starter or backup quarterback next season?

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