Michael Vick Suggests Kaepernick Should Cut His Hair

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Michael Vick Suggests Colin Kaepernick Should Cut His Hair If He Wants Another Chance In NFL
Retired NFL quarterback Michael Vick suggested this week that Colin Kaepernick cut his hair if he is serious about getting back to the NFL.

During an interview on Fox Sports 1, Vick was asked what advice he would give to Kaepernick to help him get back in the league. The former Atlanta Falcons star responded by saying the first thing Kaepernick needs to do is get rid of his hair.

Soon after Vick’s appearance on the show, social media and sports talk shows blew up accusing Vick of pandering to league owners by suggesting Kaepernick cut his hair, which they felt had nothing to do with him playing quarterback in the NFL.

Colin Kaepernick Hair 2017

For his part, Vick tried to clarify his comments, saying he didn’t mean Kaepernick had to get a haircut to play in the NFL. Vick said he meant that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback needed to show contrition and to look the part if he wanted to land another NFL gig.

As with anything regarding Kaepernick these days, there were plenty of people who agreed with Vick and just as many who disagreed with him. Vick was obviously speaking from personal experience because he cut off his cornrows shortly after being charged in the dog fighting case that got him sent to jail.

In his situation, there was a need to act contrite because he was charged with a felony and needed to show that he was a different man.
In Kaepernick’s case, he wasn’t accused of a crime, he took a knee during the national anthem to protest his perceived injustice when it comes to unarmed minorities being shot and killed by law enforcement officers.

Even though some found his stance to be un-American, Kaepernick didn’t do anything wrong. However, NFL owners have the right not to sign him if they feel his presence will be an unwanted distraction or will affect their bottom line.

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